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Oaks Bible Church + Fireproof + Santa Barbara, California

“How to Fireproof Your Marriage”

A brief 4 week Study

Oaks Bible Church - Pastor Craig Crawshaw
September 21 2008 - October 12 2008 ( 4 Lessons )

1.20080921the "Gomer Principle" -
unconditional love
HosealistenOaks Bible Church Sermon Series - Fireproof
2.20080928the "Shulamite Principle" -
mutual possession
Song of SolomonlistenOaks Bible Church Sermon Series - Fireproof
3.20081005the "Cleave Principle" -
together forever
MatthewlistenOaks Bible Church Sermon Series - Mark
4.20081012the "Christ/Church Principle" -
nourish and cherish
EphesianslistenOaks Bible Church Sermon Series - Fireproof

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