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Sunday School notes and handouts.

Bruce Byers, (2012) resumes and expands our understanding of biblical Eschatology and provides further notes on the subject.
GreatnessOfTheKingdom_Part1.pdf (Jan 21)
GreatnessOfTheKingdom_Part2.pdf (Jan 28)
The_Background_to_the_Mediatorial_Kingdom.pdf (Feb 12)
Greatness_of_the_Kingdom_Judges_to_Old_Testament_Prophets.pdf (Feb 19)

Bruce Byers, (Nov 2011) teaching a study on Eschatology ( The study of the "last days" ) has provided several pages of notes on the subject. (pdf)

Pastor Craig (Sep 2011) compiled and made available this excellent Chronology of Jesus' Ministry in the gospel's parallel accounts to help in our Luke study.  (pdf)

Old Testament Overview (pdf)

Proverbs On You and ... (pdfs)

16 Ways to Agape your spouse (pdf) (doc)

Psalms Overview (pdf) (doc)

Psalm 119 Notes (pdf) (doc)

Pastor Craig's (Aug 20, 2006) Challenge for Oaks Bible Church  (pdf) (doc) (html)

Pastor Craig’s (Mar 23, 2008) Easter Notes and Sermon  (html listen:

Pastor Craig’s "Mark My Words" series, the sayings of Jesus pdf) (doc) (rtf)

Steve Spalinger (Jun 2008) has been thinking about Jesus' pouring out blessings, like Rain. Steve wrote a poem about it. (RAIN.pdf)  (RAIN.doc)

A "Biblical Biggies" Summer Series (2008) Scripture references: (pdf)  (doc)

Pastor Craig's (Mar 2009) "Paraphase" for the book of James.   (pdf) (doc)

Pastor Craig's (Apr-Jun 2009) notes in the 'Spirituals' series.Outline: (pdf) (doc) [ Lesson 1 (pdf) (doc) ]   [ Lesson 2 (pdf) (doc) ]   [ Lesson 3 (pdf) (doc) ]   [ Lesson 4 (pdf) (doc) ]   [ Lesson 5 (pdf) (doc) ]   [ Lesson 6 (pdf) (doc) ]   [ Lesson 9 (pdf) (doc) ]   (audio)

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