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Special Messages

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Special and Miscellaneous Sermons

20130505Freedom In Christ - Tom Collins
"Freedom in Christ"
20130331Easter Sunday, 2013 - Craig
"the Amazing Resurrection"
1 Corinthians 15listen
20120229Missionary Layne Campbell
"A Missionary in Papua New Guinea"
20110424Easter Sunday, 2011 - Craig
"Easter from Peter's Perspective"
20110417"Judas" - JustinVariouslisten
20110410Palm Sunday, 2011 - Justin
"The 'Temporary' Return of the King"
Matt 21:1-11listen
20101226Favorite Christmas Verses, 2010 - CraigVariouslisten
20101219Isaiah's Five Birth Names for JesusIsaiah 7:14, 9:6listen
20100523Pentecost Sunday Sermon, 2010 - Craig
"The Story of Pentecost"
Acts 2listen
20100404Easter Sunday Sermon, 2010 - Craig
"He Is Risen Indeed!"
20100328Palm Sunday Sermon, 2010 - Craig
"Jesus is our Sovereign King!"
20090412Easter Sunday Sermon, 2009 - Craig
"What Does the Resurrection mean to you?"
20081221Christmas Sermon, 2008 - Craig
"Christmas is For You"
Luke 2:11;Isaiah 9:6 listen
20080323Easter Sunday Sermon, 2008 - Craig
"Life After Death"
Job 19:25-26listen
20071230New Years Eve Sermon, 2007 - Craig listen
20071223Christmas Sunday Sermon, 2007 - Craig
"Christmas for Eternity"
20070408Easter Sunday Sermon, 2007 - Craig
Beyond the Cross
1Cor 15listen
20070401Palm Sunday Sermon, 2007 - CraigJohn 12:17listen
20070304Living for God in
an Ungodly World
1Pet 5:6-9listen
20060416Easter Sunday Sermon, 2006
"The Resurrection Attraction"
Matt 28, Mark 16,
Luke 24, John 21
20060409Palm Sunday Sermon, 2006
"King for a Day"
Luke 19:28-41listen

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